The current era is a time of extreme competition. Human beings have shown to be competitive and creative in almost any field one could possibly think of. The online field is no exception. We, humans, have created the internet and have used it to our limitless advantages. In fact, the online field is the most growing field in terms of any standards in the world today.

The online world is providing people with job opportunities. This brings to our interest in today. Here, we are taking a closer look at how website developing works and the Best Cheap WordPress Hostings in 2020.

Talking about the internet, one of the best common ways people tend to follow to generate a good, stable income is blogging. By common, we don’t mean to say that is the easiest source of online earning; we just mean that it is the most followed one. Blogging is comprised of a lot of things mixed together to form a great website. However, our much concern today is only with the foundations of it.


A website is a blend of a lot of components mixed together to develop a masterpiece. However, the base of every website is common. Every website available on the internet stands upon a domain and hosting.

The domain is the name of your website’s URL. In other words, it is the naming of your IP address. While it can be pretty hard to remember the IP address of every single website you visit regularly, it is comparatively easier to remember the substitute name for it. This is what domain name basically is. The domain name is the identification of your website. You have to register your domain name through a proper registrar on the internet. Once done, it cannot be changed.

Hosting, on the other side, is the complete opposite. You can consider this like; Domain is the head of your website. Hosting is the body of your website. Hosting is a service provided to your domain name which allows you to store data in either text, animation, gifs, videos, pictures or any other form on your website. Hosting is also necessary in order to develop a website. Without domain and hosting, there can be no website. Hosting plans or domain prices vary according to individual demands, but, without any one of these, it is practically impossible to develop a website. Domain and hosting once registered are linked to each other through Cpanel and a website is created. It is also advised not to register a domain and hosting on the same registrars because if there is any problem caused to the registrars of any one of these, you will have to pay for only one instead of buying both domains and hosting again.

Furthermore, domain and hosting purchased from two different registrars can also improve your experience about how different registrars on the internet are working. It is always advised to purchase a domain and hosting from well-known sources as saving a few dollars can later result in the complete destruction of your website.


WordPress is by far, the most common blogging source on the internet. This is a service that allows you to manage your content effectively and its system is based upon PHP. It is free service, however, when properly set up with domain and hosting and some other minor charges, it costs you indirectly. With WordPress, you can get really creative and get a lot more features to customize your website as compared to a service such as a blogger.

Beginners also feel easy to use WordPress, however, they must get used to it first as there are some places where WordPress usage might get tricky. Overall, it is easy to use and fun to explore.


The WordPress software has been available on the internet for some time now and well, its benefits make up perfectly for making it one of the best blogging software available on the internet.

  • WordPress is extremely easy to use and beginners’ don’t feel any difficulty at all.
  • You don’t need to learn coding to use it.
  • Search engines prefer WordPress websites.
  • You can work on your website yourself instead of depending upon a web developer.
  • There are no ends to where you can take your website. You can grow it as you learn more.
  • Great plugins which boost the performance of your website.
  • You can customize every inch of your website.
  • Multiple users can use a single WordPress account.

Best WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting means sharing your server with other websites. It limits your growth and is only preferable for small scale websites.

On the other side, Managed WordPress hosting mean that all the technical stuff including the SSL, backups and every other stuff is managed by the hosting provider. There is also no sharing and Managed to host is used by a single website only.

  • Bluehost

Blue host is a type of Shared WordPress hosting. This type of hosting is recommended by WordPress itself. It also offers great pricing plans and overall, delivers one of the fastest speeds under shared hosting providers.

  • Dreamhost

Dreamhost is another hosting provider under the same category of shared hosting providers. It is a bit more expensive than Bluehost, but, also offers more space and is compatible with any domain. Dreamhost excels in providing better features than hosting plans offered by other providers at the same price.

  • GoDaddy Hosting

This is by far, the most popular hosting available on the internet. GoDaddy is the go-to hosting provider for a vast number of people and customers are extremely satisfied with their performance.

  • Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is another hosting provider under the category of Managed Hosting services. They are rapidly growing and the reason behind this is that they provide the best hosting plans under nominal prices. Furthermore, they put regular discounts on their hosting plans which make them available to more people.